Looking for the best escape room in Nottingham?

Ilocked is an escape the room game situated within Nottingham, in contrast various escape games this is not merely a find the key/lock game. Our puzzle rooms offer a surprisingly one-of-a-kind escape game experience and are fantastic for any sightseers who are looking for things to do in Nottingham. Our escape rooms in Nottinghamshire use challenging puzzles to produce a challenging 60 – minute countdown against the time clock to escape.

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Ilocked escape games utilize innovative escape games technology to provide an one-of-a-kind challenge to all guests with puzzles that demand you to consider ideas outside of the box.

We welcome all experience levels and generations to our rooms although barring really young children.

We provide for stag and wedding parties, team building, both kids and adult birthday parties, date nights and a diverse range of business events.

If you would like to get more information on the prices of our escape games simply head online to our website wherein you can also check out which time slots are readily available to reserve.

Escape the room games are becoming more and more mainstream with companies such as panic rooms coming to be recognized across the world.

Our puzzle rooms try to be quite different from the standard hunt for keys and locks as we believe that formula has ended up being rather repetitive. Our target is to deliver an adventure unlike any room you’ve been in before!

Popular participants consist of well-known regional sporting teams and famous people along with reporters and radio presenters.

Right after the door closes a 60 minute countdown begins and it’s time to put your abilities against our challenging puzzles to attempt and make it out ahead of the clock runs out.

As it stands we have two available escape games, an “alien” themed puzzle room and an Egyptian themed “mummy” escape room. A third room “Battleship” is currently being built and we expect to start taking pre-bookings for it shortly.

Many visitors paying a visit to Nottingham for the day often drop in as we are endorsed on many “fun things to do in Nottingham” lists and we’re happy to provide you with directions and parking advice if you give us a call.

So just what is an escape the room game ?

An escape room game is an unique activity in which a party of players have a specified amount of time (normally 60 minutes) to complete a collection of puzzles of different types that present clues directing you towards the solution of the remaining puzzle which will open the door of the escape game. Our escape rooms in Nottingham are a little different than most however so don’t expect the standard looking around for keys and locks, we will truly be putting your mental skills to the test.

We utilize state of the art puzzles that achieve a very high degree of immersion through technology such as tablets and computers, recorded audio and creative environments.

It’s absolutely best that you drop by and test it out for yourself!

Escape room tips!

Escape Rooms are truly a unique experience. That means there isn’t any way to get prepared for them, right? No, wrong! No matter what efforts are taken to put individuals into unfamiliar situations, repeated elements are always there that can be recognized and provide you with a hint towards taking the next step.

In addition, there are very in-depth techniques that not too many humans are able to master like talking to teammates and searching for things with your eyes. Of course we are skidding, however, skills such as communicating and being observant by fall through the cracks whenever tensions are running high.

Use the Escape Room tips above along with some that are less intuitive to really feel like you are a genius when you are in an Escape Room the next time.

Turn the Entire Room Inside Out

There are just a few things that we ask of our guests, and one of them is to not physically breaking any items inside the room (they do cost money after all!)

Beyond that, we strongly encourage our game participants to do whatever they feel that they need to do to get closer to whatever their next step is. Find out if any of the pictures move. Make sure to open all of the drawers. Look underneath objects. Look through all of the books. We are dedicated to scenery, however, there are not many things inside of the room that are just for their aesthetic value. There is a good chance, that if it isn’t bolted down, then it’s something we hope you will look under, move, or pick up.

Don’t Get Yourself Bogged Down

There is one issue that we see many groups getting into which is to get too fixated on a specific detail when what they should be doing is searching for other leads, hints, and clues. Multitasking is a great solution. Assign someone in your group and get your heads banged together against the puzzle (please, not literally!) and try to solve it as the rest of your team members are searching for more clues. If you feel like you are up against a dead end, often there’s something else that you potentially could be doing or the puzzle has an outside solution. Or maybe it’s a red herring!

Just taking a break from a frustrating element can at least provide you with the clarity that is needed in order to come up with a solution. Usually, those ah-ha moments work the best with lateral thinking. Therefore, take a couple of steps back in order to obtain a new perspective, or empty a few drawers out that you missed at least.

Listen And Talk To One Another

It is key to communicate with your entire group. If you discover a potential clue, be sure to announce it! Also, if you are feeling like you might be close to coming up with a solution but are in need of some input, try and get some thoughts from your teammates. Not communicating effectively almost will almost ensure your failure, whereas if you engage with each other it can make you so much smarter.

Using the particular approach of “divide and conquer” will work better compared to everyone fixating on the same puzzle at once. So to get a lot more done, split yourself up into smaller groups.

Also be sure to listen to each other and also ask for input from everyone in your group. The assertive, leader-type loud on might not always have the right answer, so make sure to take turns get input from everyone in the group to see what people have.

Be Positive And Be Patient

There is just a limited time for you to accomplish your goal. So wasting time on negative thoughts just hurts your chance to succeed.

Enthusiasm goes much further compared to sheer brain power. Like one of the Escape Room veteran workers said, I see many intelligent teams coming through, and there isn’t any correlation with success. A majority of games are built without there being any necessary prior knowledge. Therefore your Grand Master Chess or cryptography skill might actually make you overthink the puzzle. The thing that positively correlates is having an enthusiastic and fun attitude.

Therefore, be sure to enjoy yourself and make every minute count and encourage all of the members of your team whenever they appear to be on a good run.

Don’t Hesitate To Ask For Hints

There are some people who think that asking for a hint or help is admitting deaf. However, the only time defeat comes is when the clock finally hits zero. So, don’t be too afraid or proud to ask for help or a hint. There is a reason we provide you with four of them!

If you have spent more than 5-10 minutes on something, that can be a good time to ask for help or a hint. You might feel like it is an obvious solution and something you should have held off on, however, a hint can provide you with the necessary momentum necessary for plowing through even more difficult puzzles that are ahead of you.

Tips For Escape Rooms Are Excellent, But Practice Will Make You Perfect!

Not too many people are aware of this, but what originally inspired Escape Rooms was the point-and-click online puzzle games. So playing a couple of them might put you into the proper mindset for deciphering clues and determine where the creator was intending you to go from there.